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Booze & Bart Carts...

(photo via Pizzazzerie)

So you want to host a party, a girls' night, or a pretty brunch but you have all of the typical problems that always get in the way . . . no time, no budget, no energy? One great solution is to put all of your focus into a bar cart; just a trusty little party on wheels that is only about 2 square feet to decorate and holds the most important element of the whole shindig right there - the BOOZE!

(image via Paperave)

(image via HomeGoods)

Really all you need is a strand of some pretty garland (try the $ bins at Target or make something out of paper if you need to get crafty), a sign that announces whatever the theme of your event, and a couple of pretty plates and glasses.

A few of my favorite, affordable bar cart options to get your next party rolling . . .

You can wheel your cart wherever you like so the drinks can keep flowing and your party atmosphere stays with you - the perfect solution for anyone pressed for time (who isn't?!) but still wants to add something special to their get-togethers. Don't forget a few candles to scatter around and some fun music and then as simple as that, you have yourself a party!

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