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Vegetable & Turkey Stuffed Peppers with Free Recipe Card Printable!

I am SO excited to finally be sharing our FIRST EVER free printable recipe card with you - and I am even more excited about these delicious stuffed peppers made with vegetables a-plenty and lean ground turkey meat. Adapted from a favorite 'Taste of Home' recipe, they are low carb and healthy, can be totally prepped ahead of time so all you have to do is toss them in the oven after you get home from a busy day, and contain - wait for it- ALL FOUR FOOD GROUPS in one hearty and filling pepper. Just totally a win all around for this dinner recipe, if you ask me!

And even better, you get to print up this card (just print the front and flip it in your printer to print the back - use heavy white card stock!), cut it, and add it right to your recipe box if your family enjoys it. So literally no tedious writing down work or saving a grease-speckled computer print out or magazine clipping for you!

You can download your recipe card front side RIGHT HERE.

I included a blank card template with the printable, in case your inner DIY Goddess wants to modify this recipe in any way - please share your discoveries!!

And the back of the card can be downloaded RIGHT HERE.

Hope this delicious & healthy recipe takes you into the first week of Spring with a BANG - and also keeps your healthy eating plan on track while you get set to don that new bathing suit this summer!

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