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Undecided No More...Week 5 in the ORC!

Some things may remain undecided....but for once, one of those things isn't me! All of the final details are going into the Guest Bedroom Retreat and I couldn't be more confident about us coming out of this one on the right side of finished! Because our reveal is NEXT WEEK, I'm just going to share some of the little design elements before everything gets squared away this weekend. I am so excited with how this room is shaping up and I can't wait to shoot final pictures next week! You can follow along with ALL of the designers by following this link here: BHG Fall 2020 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE.

I am just loving this beautiful Mid Century light Fixture from Decor Therapy. It ties in the white lamps and bead detail on the gold mirrors (see below) so beautifully!

This beaded mirror just has my heart. I loved a pricier version (over $160 each) but since we needed two (one for either side of the night stand) I was mad excited when I found this lovely one at Target by Safavieh for a much better $40.00

Finally, this is an element that I knew I wanted in our guest room before we even found the house. I have been in love with diptychs for so many years and I knew one day I would have to create my own butterfly. This is a test print and my full 18x24 (see frames below) will be filled with the 18x24 poster sizes this afternoon! I was able to match the colors to Sherwin Williams paint colors beautifully (thank you, color codes!!!).

This little kindergartener snuck in to take a peek at herself....and with a face that cute, I can see why she couldn't resist!

This weekend I will be distracting myself away with hammering those final nails, hanging, fluffing, and prepping for our final reveal! I have ONE more element that I want to add and I am so super excited about as long as it arrives in time! Check back next week as we wrap up the final One Room Challenge of 2020!!

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