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Hopped our Way to the Tail End of this Spring One Room Challenge

Ahhh - the relief of ORC Reveal Day! This one was down to the deadline every Sunday because May/June, so many birthdays, so much baseball, all of this softball, and to top it off - SUMMER BREAK!! But at the end of it all I had SO MUCH FUN making this magical space for my sweet girl. I told her that after reveal day I would hand this room back to her...I pointed out spots for her to hang her own pictures & posters and make it the cozy haven of her childhood dreams. I also couldn't help but feel the previous owner smiling down on us as we worked, knowing this home meant as much to her once as it does to us today.

I took advantage of every extra minute I had with this One Room Challenge, because this being my third I have learned that the good stuff of this process is in the pushing yourself a little more each time and cheering on the amazing community around you ~ basically a designer/stylist/DIYer's version of a marathon. And for me this really feels like a personal best and that makes all of the hustling, planning, and stress worth it.

I wanted to take more time this challenge to link up all of the awesome furniture and products that I used to turn this into such a fun girl's bedroom ~ so bear with me as this will be a long one!

This desk was an up-cycle that we purchased at our home's estate sale and has lived in this room for a few decades. We weren't ready to replace the furniture in the room that was still in good condition (remains from our oldest boy's nursery!!). So instead we decided to paint over some of the wood with Krylon chalky finish paint in the color "Accessible Beige". We replaced the hardware and all of a sudden, the old furniture worked!

The large lamp in the corner was a last minute score from the Restore (Habitat for Humanity) second hand store. A little Rub n Buff in 'antique gold" and a lampshade from the At Home store and it was good to go. We don't have many overhead fixtures in most of the rooms (so common for these mid-century homes) so this four light bulb fixture was a great find! Check out the before:

The desk accessories are from TJ Maxx and the vintage bunny prints are Etsy finds (I will link them up below). These bedside tables were a great TJ Maxx score...I had planned on purchasing two off of Amazon but I waited too long and they went out of stock. The legs were the wrong color, but luckily they were unfinished wood so I slapped on two coats of wood stain by Minwax in 'Dark Walnut'.

The frames above the bed were also a REstore find - they just needed some fresh paint, a new backing, and some fresh bunny prints from Etsy (see below). Here they are in their pre-painted glory - perfect for a diptych, I'd say:

Shifting over to the other side of the room we have the projector & screen we installed and built for our DIY painted theatre screen. You can catch all of the details in this previous ORC post right HERE.

We considered painting the drawers on the dresser and wallpapering the back of the bookshelf, but at the end of the day decided to hold off and keep that for a future DIY or find some fun Marketplace scores that she can age into better. I did switch out the hardware on the dresser though, just to create some cohesion. And it wouldn't be a kid space without some vintage Homco on the wall (I never can say no to a butterfly painted gold).

This Closet Maid system from Home Depot was a HUGE game changer in getting our lives in order. The rubble of clothes and shoes on the floor and the dresses my girl couldn't reach just made no sense. I switched out the hardware on the drawer because ALWAYS GOLD.

The wallpaper is from Spoonflower on Etsy and couldn't make the wood tone look more beautiful, in my opinion. The MCM shelves above the pink chair (another ReHome purchase from a year and a half ago) were already here when we moved in and I couldn't love it more. I think we are going to add a picture gallery underneath it eventually that this girl will most definitely call "Ode to my Cousins" because she LOVES her cousins more than words.

Last but definitely not least...this TOV bed is everything we had in mind and more. The customer service was OUT OF THIS WORLD. The blush shade was right on point (the velvet curtains have been used in pretty much every room of our house in different colors and our linked up below from Amazon). I was stalking out these Kira plug in sconces (bonus they come with cord covers!) for our living room redo. They went out of stock and end of the day that worked out perfectly...since these are way better for bedroom reading lamps and we needed unfiltered light in the living room.

Did you make it this far? If so, let me just share a shot of real life...because right outside the door of this lovely completed ORC room, are all of the remains of 8 weeks of hard work pushed out and crammed into the walkway for everyone to trip over:

A little reminder of where we started:

Overall, we are thrilled with the results (if only a tiny but sad we didn't finish the picture frame moulding we had in mind for around the bed. We have all of the supplies in the storehouse though (aka the basement "back room" which is in GRAVE need of organization and structure after all of this DIY-ing). Finally letting my girl enjoy her new room in peace and not even thinking of moving on to the next space yet. Except a little about the color though. And the wall art. Oh, and the rug. Anyway, see you in the fall for ORC 2021 Round TWO!!!!

Head on over now to see everyone's final reveals-so many stunning makeovers and I can't wait to pour over them now that I have made it in time for the link party:


Bunny Diptych Prints: Synplus on Etsy

Plug in Sconces: Kira Home from Amazon

Vinyl Polka Dots: White Corner Designs on Etsy

Curtains: Cherry Home

Wallpaper: "Wild at Heart Florals" by Shopcabin on Etsy

Closet System: Closet Maid Brightwood

Arch Mirror: Vlsrka from Amazon


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