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Spring 2021 Better Homes & Gardens One Room Challenge!

It is that time again - one of my favorite events of the year and the all time BEST deadline giver for completing home projects - the BHG 2021 Spring ONE ROOM CHALLENGE!!!

We are all set to head upstairs and conquer a space that I am so excited youngest daughter's room!!We kicked things off this week with a little 'client meeting' this morning to go over a few ideas. Designing kids rooms is where it is at for me...I just love the freedom to make everything whimsical & fun and to create magical spaces for my little ones to make memories in. The main thing I try and focus on is letting the kids lead the way with their rooms. They choose the color and the theme of their design/artwork and what they are hoping for most of all in their rooms. Over the years, I have found that asking them for their general thoughts and then presenting them with a few choices keeps things manageable and within reason:)

This past weekend we had the old carpets taken out and the new floors installed throughout all of our upstairs and what an exciting upgrade it is! We wanted to hold off on the final design decisions until we had some time to sit in there with the new floors and really get a feel for the space! In next week's post we will be sharing our mood board and paint choices (and hopefully a little progress of getting those colors up on the wall!).

Here are a few pictures of the before space:

We can't wait to follow along on everyone's journey and to see all of the plans and spaces come to life! Good luck everyone!!!!


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