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Today's Turkey treat makes an excellent snack to bring along with you if you are invited over to a friend's or relative's house this Thanksgiving. I never am quite sure what to bring, and while a bottle of wine, candle, or bouquet of flowers always works as an excellent host/hostess gift, this extra special edible project is sure to be unforgettable! What's more, it is quick & simple too! Take a look . . .

Appetizer Pumpkin Turkeys

Supplies You Will Need:

~ One large, sturdy pumpkin ~ A medium squash ~ Cherry tomatoes ~ Assorted cheese ~ Summer sausage ~ Two carrot slices ~ Two raisins ~ Toothpick ~ Chile Pepper ~ One orange M & M ~ Skewer sticks ~ Glue gun & glue stick


1.) Using your hot glue gun, adhere the squash to the front of your pumpkin, standing it up to make the turkey head.

2.) Break your toothpick in half and slide your two carrot slices onto each half.

3.) Place your two raisins on the end of each toothpick half to make the eyes.

4.) Attach the two toothpicks to the front of your squash. With your hot glue gun, attach the orange M & M underneath the eyes to make the beak. Slice off the top of your red chile pepper and hot glue it to the front of the turkey face under the nose, to make the gobbler:)

5.) Cut up your assorted cheeses, cherry tomatoes, sausage, and any other snack you would like to add and slide them onto the skewer sticks (see tips below). Insert the pointed edge of your skewer sticks to the back of your turkey to create a fan of snack 'feathers'!

Helpful Tips:

~ make sure your pumpkin is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your snack sticks, so be sure to choose a heavy, larger pumpkin. If your pumpkin is too light, your turkey will topple over when the snack sticks are taken off and becomes unbalanced. ~ Insert your skewer sticks ahead of time, and then remove them to add the snacks, making the holes in the pumpkin a little larger to make removing the skewer sticks from the pumpkin and snacking at the party easier.

Isn't this guy great ~ such a clever little appetizer to snack on while you wait for the big bird to hit the table!!

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