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diy lollipop turkeys!!

THANKSGIVING THROWBACK (Original November 2013)

Well, we are just days away from Turkey day, so I am sending you a couple final projects that you can put together with your little ones! This activity is both fun and SUPER easy-I promise, because I managed to make this happen on a non-preschool day and my 3.5 year old lended a hand.

Now, if you know my boy, you know it is NO small feat finishing a craft with him in the room. But I think the enticement of potential lollipops sweetened the deal, because he was way too eager to help out with this one! This makes a great treat to take to school or even to a family dinner where there will be kiddos at the table. And everything you need is either laying around the house already, or gathered simply by a quick trip to your local dollar store. Here's how you do it . . .

Supplies You Will Need (Part 1):

~ Assorted decorative paper ~ Glue gun & sticks (you can use regular glue too, if you have the patience:) ~ 2 sizes of floral styrofoam discs (I found mine at the $ Tree) ~ Small styrofoam ball (cut in half-also from the $ Tree) ~ 2 Googly eyes ~ 1 orange bead ~ Red ribbon ~ Craft paint & brushes * see below for a few more ;)


1.) Trace your styrofoam discs onto two different decorative papers (you will be covering the front of each disc).

2.) Cut out both circles and set them aside.

3.) Cover the outside edge of both of your styrofoam discs with craft paint.

4.) Paint your small styrofoam ball as well.

5.) Allow them to dry.

About halfway through, I decided I wanted a base for my lollipop turkey, so that I could dress it up a bit and also add some stability for the little guy on the table. Here are a few more supplies I added to the activity . . . ~ Kraft wrapping paper ~ Tape ~ Small book ~ Empty masking tape roll ~ Scissors

6.) Wrap the book in kraft or wrapping paper and hot glue the empty masking tape roll to the front.

7.) You can write a 'Happy Thanksgiving' message on the front of your book base - I happened to have some really pretty adhesive letters, so my little guy helped me stick on a fancy message!

8.) Take your decorative paper circles and glue them to the front of the styrofoam discs.

9.) Glue the painted/halved styrofoam ball to the front of the smaller of the discs.

10.) Glue the medium disc to the larger styrofoam disc. With your glue gun, attach two googly eyes to the front of your 'turkey face'.

11.) Cut a small piece of red ribbon (you can cut out a small triangle on the edge if you want!) and attach it directly under the eyes to make the 'gobbler'.

12.) Adhere the orange bead to the top of the red ribbon gobbler.

13.) With your hot glue, adhere the large styrofoam disc to the top of your empty masking tape roll. Add in your lollipops along the top edges of your two styrofoam discs to make the turkey 'feathers'. And that's it!

A fun little treat that would make any class Thanksgiving feast a gobbling good time - also would be an awesome host/hostess gift if you are headed to a house with a little guy or girl too!!

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