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Cuisine Inspired Charcuterie Boards

With the holidays fast approaching, there are so many opportunities to host a party. But we are still at the beginning of November, so why not shake things up and surprise everyone with an off-the-cuff cuisine before you have to stick to all the traditional American favorites?

And the perfect start to any party, whether you are throwing a simple cocktail/game night shindig or putting together a dinner party of epic proportions, is a charcuterie board just overflowing with all the cheesy, oily, savory goodness.

Serving fettuccini, lasagna, or spaghetti, here is a little ITALIAN inspiration for your viewing pleasure. Don't forget the mini mozzarella balls, the pesto, and the dipping oil and breadsticks!:


Nothing provides a more solid base for those frosty margaritas then a charcuterie board to pair with Taco Tuesday...


A yummy prequel to French Onion soup or French Dip sandwiches...


Who knew you could pull together a delicious appetizer plate to kick off Chicken Fried Rice & Kung Pao Chicken?


Olives, feta, hummus, and pita; a perfect pairing for lemon chicken, Gyros, or Moussaka...


And a little board inspiration to get your kitchen stocked for the upcoming season...

Extra large Acacia board:

A twist of glam:

(also World Market)

Slate sensation:

First & foremost, check Home Goods/TJ MAXX/Marshall's for the best deal on beautiful boards! Appetizers-covered!

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