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Anthropologie Mirror - The Hack!!

A couple of weeks ago I was casually perusing through some of my favorite designer's latest instagram posts and lo and behold, I stumbled on House on Sugar Hill's Anthropologie mirrror hack. First off, Jodi is so talented and fun and brings so much character and creativity to her home - she has been am inspiration of mine for a few years so you should definitely check her out if you haven't yet.

Anyway, I had been searching for the right mirror for our Living Room mantel for awhile. Ideally, I wanted one of those Anthropologie stunners (you know, THE mirror) but even steep price tag aside, the size wasn't quite right for the rest of the space. I had found something for around $150 that had that same, delicate vintage feel but the size was a bit off as well (too tall) and the finish was a super dull, almost rusty gold....and I hate having to paint over anything that I pay $100 plus for.

So when Jodi's mirror hack showed up in my feed ...YES! I went right to the Urban Outfitter's website, snagged my perfect sized arched mirror (lovely in its own right but not quite as perfect for the room - also on a nice sale so I believe I payed $24.99) for it, and got to work.

Like Jodi, I ordered wooden onlays from Amazon; only I ordered those in a floral pattern since that is pretty prevalent throughout my space. I was initially going to use Liquid Nails to hold all of the pieces in place, but last minute I switched it up to a glue gun, since my mirror & onlays are fairly light.

Definitely head over to the House on Sugar Hill post to see all of her eye-popping details. Here is the way I put this miniature version together:


~ Arched mirror (check Target, Urban Outfitter's, Home Goods for a reasonably-priced one)

~ Wooden Onlays (Amazon)

~ Trim piece cut a bit longer than the width of the base of your mirror

~ Gold Spray paint

~ Rub n Buff in 'antique gold'

~ Liquid Nails or Glue Gun (depending on weight)


1.) Tape up mirror and spray paint all pieces a matching gold. I used "Gold Leaf" by Krylon

2.) Allow paint to dry and then, using a dry cloth, apply rub 'n buff in antique gold to all of your pieces.

3.) Using the liquid nails or glue gun, attach the bottom piece of trim to the mirror and the onlays along the mirror's border in the desired spots. Allow to dry.

4.) Prop that beauty on the mantel and admire daily!

I could not be happier how this little beauty came out. It fits so nicely into our space and is even more customized than one of the pricier versions would be, as I was able to choose onlays that worked with our space! I am SO CLOSE to wrapping up the living room project and then snaking my way around the corner and finishing up our entry bathroom!


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