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Creative Ways to Decorate with Mixtiles

Several months back, we were in Pennsylvania visiting my in-laws and they had just hung a bunch of these mixtiles on the walls in their home. I just loved the way they looked and the ease of use, but wasn't sure where I could incorporate them into our house. Most of our decor is vintage-inspired/mid-century feel and sometimes it is hard for me to see where I might add a modern trend.

Flash forward to us jumping full speed into making our den a cozy living space and all at once it dawned on me! We decided early on that we didn't want to paint the wood paneled walls. The paneling is beautiful, high-quality wood and truthfully this room becomes our favorite place to hang out once the weather starts cooling down. We love the wood-burning fireplace and how the room is just its own little comfy hideaway.

We talked about knocking out the wall leading to the kitchen, to open up the space to include anyone cooking (always me!!)...we also went back and forth on the type of couch we would get for this husband wanting a reclining version and me hoping to play up the MCM vibe of the room.

One thing that helped me embrace the wood paneling was making the decision to stay super "on trend" with the styling of the room; once I could see it with rust, black & cream, mid-century bohemian details, everything just started to make sense. So as I was staring at the walls while I was supposed to be watching a movie my husband had turned on (but then he fell asleep and I didn't want to have to watch the same awful thing the next night) I pictured a wall of mixtiles being the perfect way to flush this room with a more youthful vibe. Then I ran across two prints at Home Goods (I just loved this F. Scott Fitzgerald quote so much - as our cross country move felt like our own version of starting over again:). I ended up creating my own version of the prints to get the size that I want - and then we were off!

I will be sharing the whole space in its entirety once I finish all the small details (where is the One Room Challenge when you need it??) but in the mean time I thought I would give you an update of how this one particular project came out - it truly turned into quite a show-stopper!

We have a little ways to go, but ultimately what we are ending up with is a perfectly blended space of comfort (hubs) and style (me) that we all just love making memories in.

I am all about using these clever little tiles with a theme-centered around them. In our case, we stuck with 'family memories' but I think you could use these in so many clever & unique ways to display the things that are important in your life.

Love the clever "travel-themed" idea....

Or even turning them into the shape of holiday decor (remember, they lift of and reposition/move easily so you can totally NOT commit to getting creative with them...

I'm also all about the idea of switching up the middle pictures to go with the seasons and adding a bit of holiday decor around them...

Monochromatic color themed would also work; something about that pop of golds and oranges in the fall or red as we near the holidays....

Pumpkin toned - Bower Power Blog

And speaking of the holidays, these make a GREAT gift, and they are always running an ad of some sort, so be sure to sign up for the e-mail and wait for a good deal:

Have you created a gallery of mixtiles in your home?? If so, I would love to see what you came up with!


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