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Disney Princess Movie Scratch-off Printable

A couple of months ago it had occurred to me that my youngest daughter hadn't seen many of the early Disney princess movies. Having an older brother & sister who was more into super heroes & villains than princesses, these movies just didn't make it to our family movie night watch list.

As much as those movies have aged through the years...and some of them even portrayed cultures with the worst of stereotypes, I definitely didn't want to miss out on this fun tradition I had always looked forward to growing up. So we decided to watch them all over the coming weeks...and then we got the idea to watch them from the very first one ever made until present day (did you know there is a new one due out in a couple of weeks? Raya & the Last Dragon!!).

What completely surprised us when we started with Snow White and began working our way through was what a study it became in the evolution of the "girl" in movies. We open with Snow White, who is basically helpless, finds her greatest asset to be her beauty and cleaning skills, and gets constantly harassed by little old men trying to kiss her. She then uses absolutely no good judgement and finds herself waiting on her Prince to come and rescue her with a kiss.

We move through the movies and the girls begin to develop true personalities...they are funny and not entirely perfect and grow more self-sufficient in every movie. By the 2000s they end up rescuing all of their Prince Charmings, fighting their own battles, and basically saving their kingdoms and all of their loved ones with nary a mop or broom in sight.

We had so much fun sitting with our Disney Plus and working our way through all of these movies, that I decided to put together a little Scratch-off printable...(I had to print one for each of them, of course, but they were delighted checking another one off the list and then scratching off a circle to reveal the princesses.)

You can download yours by heading to the Juneberry shop and grabbing the instant download right here: JUNEBERRY LANE PRINCESS MOVIE SCRATCH OFF

If you prefer, you can cover them with regular stickers but we had way more fun with the scratch-offs. We found ours here: SCRATCH-OFF STICKERS

We still have a few to go and are even more excited to watch the new one due out, since we have watched them grow through the years together! Also, special kudos to Disney plus for the quick message at the beginning that some of the cultures are portrayed with stereotypes that are inaccurate. So much fun to see how far we have come and to show my girls what a journey it has been!


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