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One Room Challenge - Week 4

Hello and thank you for stopping by! If it is your first time visiting, WELCOME!! This little site has been a true passion of mine since I started it in 2010. I had just left my job at the special event company Love, Luck, & Angels, and as a private event coordinator in Los Angeles so that I could stay home with my first born. While I have truly cherished having the opportunity to be home with my now three children, Juneberry Lane became a creative outlet for me amidst all of the craziness of a house full of babies and toddlers. In the middle of all of that mayhem I became the official party stylist for PBS and created the content for their hit show themed birthday parties and printables - and even got the chance to start my own graphic design company for invitations and special event printable goods. My babies are all school aged now and the house is much quieter than it once was during the day - but I am still chugging along with my design shop and bringing you all of the simple inspiration for a creative life over here:)

At the end of 2019, my family and I left Los Angeles (after 20 years!!) and moved back to my husband & I's home state of Ohio. We purchased our first house after many decades of city life renting and now we are busy turning it into our family dream home. We wanted a house that had historical charm and needed enough of an update for us to put our stamp on it - and we were so happy to end up with the dreamy Cape Cod that stole our hearts from the minute we set foot in it. What we didn't anticipate was that our yard and neighborhood would be such a quiet, sleepy sanctuary and how much fun we would have working in nature and turning our outdoor space into a special retreat as well.

But enough about all of that - let's get back to business and the REAL reason we are here and jumping along on this ride. If you haven't had a chance to check out the other designers and their projects and progress you can do so right here:

My goals for this week were to get the paint up on the wall and I was so excited when the bed fabric sample arrived! Once I had that in hand, I headed to the hardware store and grabbed two colors of paint. The first ended up being GRAPE from Sherwin Williams. My daughter was perusing through the samples and the minute she saw that one she insisted that was the color for the feature wall.

We matched the bed to Valspar's EMBROIDERY ROSE and we were good to go. I couldn't be happier with the results (look how well the new rug matches too!!) and she has barely left her room since we got her color choices up. Many thanks to my sweet first born (nearly ELEVEN year old) who helped me paint this whole thing!).

Once the paint was up and dry, we spread out this gorgeous rug from Alexander Home and both my little one and I gasped. It is so much fun to see our plan unfold and I'm so happy to have her involved in this process with me. Here are a few shots of our paint samples next to the bed fabric sample:

Next week's goal is to transform her closet space and I'm happy to say we already have all of the supplies we need to make these dreams a reality. Last week I picked up our Brightwood closet system by Closetmaid and this week we are diving in there and getting it all up and organized. We are wallpapering the enclave around the closet with this beautiful pattern called "Wild at Heart Florals" from Shop Cabin :

I can't wait to share our finished product next week and I'm excited to have a minute to check in on everyone's progress and see their beautiful design plans come to life.


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