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Procrastinator's Printable Valentine Freebies!

If you're a good, little DIY'er, you have already shopped & shipped all of your creative Valentine treats for 2018. But if you're anything like me, February 12th & 13th is your time to shine-and race around the stores grabbing your supplies and printing out the homemade Valentine cards.

So today I'm going to reward your outstanding procrastination efforts with some super cute & easy printables. Because you love free stuff, and after all, Valentine's Day is all about the LOVE.

For the kitty cat lover:

Download here: Kitty Cat Valentine

And the dog one (that's me & my boy!!):

Download here: Dog Valentine

And easy stickers for a quick airplane kit addition (you can print them onto full sheet shipping labels and cut for quick stickers!):

Download here: Plane Valentine

And for the teachers (with a pair of cozy socks)...

Download here: Socks Valentines

Check Target for the cutest, coziest socks!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

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