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Make Your Own Pretty Plant Stand....

You know what I start thinking about this time of year? Plants. I'm thinking about what I'm planting outside and where - and worrying if I can remember to water it. But what is SO great now is that my kids are old enough to make THEM water it - and use my oh-so-great chore chart printable that I am bringing to you later on this week.

But since it is still a little too cold outside for planting in most parts of the world, I thought I would focus on the inside today, and a few fun DIY plant stands that I have gathered up. Take a look:

A tomato cage and a can of spray paint - just cut off the spike-y ends and add your favorite greenery . . .

An upcycled old drawer and an $8.99 tray from Target (find it HERE). Just paint the drawer and tray the colors of your choosing, then use wood glue to attach the drawer to the tray . . .

(photo via happytogetherbyjess)

Acacia wood plates glued to this Ikea plant stand . . .

Copper pipes, copper coil, some glue, and this Ikea pot . . .

You really only need about $20 or less to make yourself a great plant stand - and then an indoor beauty that prefers to be out of the direct sunlight. Oh - and then you need to remember to (make the kids) water it.

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