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DIY Chore Chart (and a FREE printable!)

Because my kids are still pretty small, I am not trying to overwhelm them with work to do. They are busy enough between school, sports, & activities! But a friend shared an article the other day about integrating one chore a day into our routine . . . and I thought that was a great place to start.

And then you know me - I saw the perfect opportunity to make it fancy and then hand out a free printable:). Here is a quick DIY for a chore chart for your house; cheap & simple and most importantly - easy on the eyes! I've left space for up to four kids, but if you need more than that, you can double them up in the spaces provided!

Here's what you need:

- a clipboard

- some clothespins

- your Juneberry Lane free printable Chore Chart: available HERE

-(optional: wood stain & small alphabet stamps)

Just print and cut your chore chart and attach it to the clipboard. Then write your chores on the clothespins and your kiddos names in the spaces provided. For a good list of appropriate chores for each age group check out this chart:

(image via New York Times)

If you want to go a little crazy (you know I always do), you can paint your clothespins with a wood stain and then use alphabet stamps to write out the chores on them:

And that's it! Put those kids to work and then sit back and enjoy your (kind of) sparkling house! Happy Spring cleaning friends!

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