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DIY Paper Rose Magnets

Fall flowers are blooming ALL over your fridge (or dry-erase board, or locker, or chalkboard!) with the simplest tutorial today. All you need are a few easy supplies! Here’s how you do it: 

Supplies You Will Need:

-card stock



-cup or lid (about 4 inches diameter)



1.) Use a large cup or lid to trace a circle on your card stock.

2.) Cut out your circle, then cut from the outside in a spiral shape, getting a little wider as you move toward the inside of the circle.

3.) Starting at the outside of your spiral, begin to wind the edge into a tight roll, holding it tightly as you go.

4.) When you are done rolling the entire spiral, loosen your grip on the paper rose until it slightly uncoils and then glue the back and attach a magnet. 

Such an easy project to add some natural beauty to any magnetic space!!

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