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Thrilling & Chilling - Halloween Inspo to Dress up Your Front Porch...

We are so excited to be back in Ohio after so many years living on the West Coast! We took a chance and decided to really shake up our lives...and although it was terrifying it has also been exciting and so far, exactly what we needed. We are currently right smack in the middle of house-hunting and home buying stress; something that, much like pregnancy, seemed SO much more fun in the movies (and on HGTV).

And even though I have to work hard to stay centered and to remind myself to enjoy the journey, I simply cannot deny the major anticipation in our house over the air turning chilly. We haven't closed on our future home yet, but we are all anticipating what lies ahead without the heat and wind to hold us back. I thought I would share a few ideas as we head into our favorite season....

This one is so good it makes my skin crawl . . .

(Home Design Inspired)

Staying true to cheerful autumn hues . . .



Clean and fun....



Love these pops of orange against white...



Those crows tho...

(Mine for the Making)

How creative are these lantern pumpkins?

(Better Homes & Gardens)



My Web Value

(My Web Value)

Even if you don't want to wear a costume, there is no reason you can't dress up your porch! Mike and I have been plotting our future home Halloween decor since we've met. We can't wait to blast into our new neighborhood bringing the full on festivities to lure all of the new trick-or-treaters our way. Got any clever porch decor ideas of your own to share?

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