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The Power of Probiotics Post the "Pink Stuff".

I greet you this morning having crawled out from under a two week veil of coughing kids, one ear infection, nebulizer treatments, antibiotics, several bottles of Motrin, and even one bout of some pretty intense pneumonia. A cross-country move may have brought excitement and hope for our new adventure, but it has also delivered a host of new illnesses we don't seem to have any immunity towards, so this has been an interesting kick off to cold/flu season, to say the least.

This past weekend brought with it some absolutely insane behavior...I mean, kids can always be a handful, but the combination of never-ending Halloween candy and a heavy does of antibiotics seems to have altered all of our psyches, and not for the better!

So as you enter into the season of the sickness, don't make the mistake I did post-antibiotic and forget to replenish the good gut bacteria that disappeared with the bad. I am a strong believer in probiotics and judging from all of the government studies being funded (it really is terribly limited in research thus far), I am not alone.

Good gut health can effect mood, behavior, focus, constipation, inflammation, just to name a few. Here are a couple of EASY recipes to get your family back to 'somewhat sane'....

This one is sure to be a hit with the kiddos:

Perfect start to the morning:

(via Eating Made Easy)

After dinner dessert the right way:

Truth be told, I am not a huge fan of desserts or anything sweet. I prefer salty, savory, tart - even in the morning. I am loving this recipe for a Detox Green Smoothie (this one's best for the grown-ups like me!)

Other great sources to keep in mind while you are planning your weekly menu post-antibiotics:

~ Grilled cheese made with sourdough bread (probiotic superstar!) and cheddar (add feta, gouda, provolone, edam, or gruyere too - just make sure your cheese is aged or made from raw, unpasteurized milk!)

~ Olives (spanish style & fermented, not brined like in an American jar. Check out the amazing health benefits here!)

-Sauerkraut (look for the kind in the refrigerator section of the grocery store - or better yet, make your own! If it’s on a shelf down one of the aisles or it’s in a can – the probiotics are dead! Head to the health food store and look for the words RAW ~ PERISHABLE ~ UNPASTEURIZED ~ KEEP REFRIGERATED)

-Miso soup

Dark Chocolate - this is one you simply cannot argue with. The antioxidants and fiber in dark chocolate are fermented by bacteria that already live in our digestive system, so they create super powerful compounds that may reduce inflammation in the body.

So there you have it! Attack this cold & flu season like a boss and head into the holidays with a very Merry microbiome and a Happy & healthy gut...

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