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Cookie Exchange

(via Lia Griffith)

I was doing my best to keep my head down in the stores when I passed the holiday aisles boasting with a full stock. I've attempted to tune out the kids practicing their holiday concert songs and even quickly scrolled past all my favorite bloggers who have decided to go full on Fa La La early, but with the forecast of snow looming outside and the cold front moving in way too soon, the only way to stay warm is by dreaming of hot cocoa bars and fresh from the oven cookies. And no one likes any excuse to throw a small party better than me!

One excellent party option, whether for your best girl friends, your neighborhood pals, your school mom buddies, or your church group, is to host a 'Holiday Cookie Exchange' party. And not just for the adults, why not have your tween consider hosting one of these as well?

Even though you & your guests have to go to the extra trouble of baking cookies to attend, think of all of the time you are saving having a huge variety of sweets on Christmas Eve.

The key here is to make sure you throw your cookie swap as close to your main holiday gathering as you can, so most of your shopping is done and that your cookies are fresh! And now for a little inspiration:

Bright and bold...

(from Handle the Heat)

Simply sweet...

(from Kevin and Amanda)

For the Tweens...

(The Crafting Chicks)

Staying toasty...

(via Homemade Interest)

Why not make it a voting contest...

(from At Home with Natalie)

Sugar and Spice...

(above and below from Giggle Living)

Clean & elegant...

(from Randi Garrett Design)

Rustic & retro...

(photo from Cooking Channel TV)

The perfect color combo...

(inmage via Pop Sugar)

And now that the snow is officially falling, I don't feel so bad just completely ignoring Thanksgiving today!

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