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Pretty as a Picture Presents

Ever since I have been a child, I have always appreciated the art of a prettily wrapped present; the bows, the crisp paper, and just a touch of something unique that will make your recipient smile. A thoughtfully covered gift is almost like an invitation before a party...a preview of what's to come! So why not take a few extra minutes to put some care into how you present your presents this holiday season, if only for a special few.

A touch of nature...

(from A Piece of Rainbow)

Pom pom pretty....

(via All Gifts Considered)

Throw a wreath on it...

(from Country Living)

A pop of pink....

(Paper Mash Blog)

Get lit....

(Boxwood Ave.)

Working that washi...

(from Prudent Penny Pincher)

(from Milligram)

(from DIY Inspired)

Kick up the glamour...

(via Lia Griffith)

For the animal lovers...

(Lia Griffith)

I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet; in fact, I've barely begun, but I've sure got some great ideas on how to wrap them now! So I'd say progress has been made, right?

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