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Free Printable Room Design Kit

The next two weeks are going to be rough ones; and because I have young kids and I want them to remember these days as happy and full of special times together, I made a promise to myself to do the only thing within my control; stay home, and to keep our days filled with art and creativity and good memories.

Part of staying sane for me, is having something to focus on that brings me joy. So I created this fun tool for others like me, who find their greatest bliss in home design. All you have to do is download the FREE printable, cut out furniture that either matches what you already have, or cut them all out and design a room from scratch! Then play around with different configurations until you find just the right set up for your room.

If you have odd shaped furniture or something that doesn't fit the standard size, just go ahead and measure it and pencil it in. Measure the length & width of your room (be sure to include any fireplaces, doors, and windows!) Each square on the grid template equals one square foot of the room you are designing. Print as many as you need until your entire home is how you want it! You can find the PDFs for all three files under the 'FREE PRINTABLES' tab! Stay safe, healthy, & sane out there

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