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One Room Challenge - Spring 2020

I am all sorts of excited to be a guest participant in the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge. We have been making quite a bit of progress in the inside of our house and on the back much so that we are down to needing the floors put in before we can go any farther in the rooms we have started in. Hopefully, that will happen in the next few weeks but in the meantime, I needed a room to decorate that was somewhat low maintenance and didn't need a lot of outside materials. This will be the first room we are tackling in the upstairs of our house (which currently has three bedrooms for each of the kids).

Our son, Sully, has a bathroom of his own (and also a bedroom with lovely pink floral wallpaper that is begging to come down) and then the girls share a jack and jill bathroom that literally sealed the deal for us when we were doing our first walkthrough. Maybe one day we will regret the arguments about getting-ready time, but for now we are relishing the magic and really excited to jump in and add a little fun to it!

This house is a one owner (well, now two-US!!) home and the woman of the house was an artist, which makes it hard to let go of some of the pretty elements that just have that certain something and put our own stamp on it. When we first started our house search in Ohio, I had my heart set on a historical home, so I have no intention of turning this into a new build. Instead, I want to repurpose what I can and bring some life back to things that already exist in the home.

We have eight weeks to complete this challenge, so no need to waste any more time! Here is the girls' bathroom in its current state (we tested a few strips of wallpaper when we first moved in, just so we could mentally prepare and decide which rooms we were up to tackling first.) I am totally in love with the white hexagon floor tiles, so that makes things easier! Take a look:

I love bold, bright colors and adding some whimsical details to the rooms I design and kids' rooms are MY FAVORITE because there are literally no limits when it comes to taking risks!!

Can't wait to check back every week and update our progress as the weather warms up and we head into SUMMER!!

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