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One Room Challenge - Week 4 - The Guest Room Retreat

I can't believe we are already a month in...and I'm excited to say that everything is finally planned out & ordered! Follow along on everyone's amazing Better Homes and Gardens One Room Challenges HERE. We wanted to take things up a notch, so that when we have visitors in town or last minute guests that might not have come prepared they have everything they need!

Things we added to our guest room cart:

~ fresh towels

~ snacks

~ bottled water

~ ibuprofen (our guests like wine:)

~ extra toothbrushes & toothpaste

~ lip balm

~ body lotion

~ bar of soap

~ a WIFI info printable

You can pick up this cart at Michaels (currently on sale for $29.99). AND, you can grab your own WIFI instant download (self editable) PDF print at the Juneberry Shop right HERE.

The curtains are at Target by Opalhouse and I just love the pop of chartreuse of the tassels against that luxurious velvet.

Here are a few more ideas to give your guests 'Suite Dreams' while they are visiting:

1.) Keep your space clean & uncluttered. Let the closets in the rest of the house pile up as needed, but keep personal items out of the room so that visitors can get comfortable.

2.) Fresh bedding is an absolute must. Wash the sheets and blankets a day or two before your guests arrive...because there is nothing better after a long day of traveling than crisp, clean sheets and that just out of the dryer smell.

3.) Fluffy towels!! The last few weeks I have grabbed a fresh, luxury towel to add to the guest room every time I am at a home store. Keep a set of towels just for guests so that they are always clean and easily accessible when company is coming!

4.) Lights near the bed. I am a reader and I like to unwind with a magazine or a book before I hit the hay. Just in case your guests feel the same, keep a lamp nearby one or both sides of the bed.

5.) An extension cord (for those short iphone plugs) if the bed is not close to the outlet.

6.) I love to add fresh flowers, magazines, favorite books, or any other fun personal touches that strike me last minute.

I have been dreaming of putting together a basket for guests for years...I also get plenty of beauty product samples and I thought this would be a great place to share them! Next on the agenda is wall art and trim (plus a REALLY fun detail that I'm super hopeful I can pull off before our deadline in a couple of weeks!). Thanks for stopping by and good luck, fellow ORC-ers!!

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