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BHG One Room Challenge - Week 2

Onto week two and decisions are made. I spent a long time at the paint store comparing swatches to our hardwood floor sample, then I brought my girl a whole SLEW of choices and she quickly picked her favorites! She wanted pinks, purples, and bunnies and I have to say that the both of us are extremely excited with what we came up with. So without further ado...the MOOD BOARD:

And just an idea of how many samples I brought for her to look through:

We are doing an accent wall in the darker plum shade and then light blush on the three other walls. This morning over a breakfast date with the hubby, he had the marvelous idea of putting a projector up in her room (he is always looking for a solid excuse to upgrade!) so we are going to make her a little screening room area (complete with a fuzzy rug & some floor cushions too!). I am excited to work through this room section by section each week (desk, screening area, reading nook) and hopefully can stay on schedule between shuttling the boy to baseball games and coaching my middle girl in softball!

I just love a good One Room Challenge to really get a room completed - everyone's progress is the best motivation! You can follow along on the journeys of the other designers here:

And on top of all of that excitement, our floors went in throughout the upstairs and the space already looks twenty times better! Here is a little before and after:

This weekend's goals are getting the bed & curtains ordered and getting those colors up on the wall. The next few months are sure to be full, but full of everything we love and you can't beat that! I hope all the designers are making some good progress - it has been so much fun seeing everyone's updates!


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