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DIY Fabric Bulletin Board

I've been toggling back and forth between styling our den and my little office corner...and boy are they two different spaces. Our den is more on the masculine, neutral side but this little office corner in the living room is ALL MINE!

I could have put the office in its own dedicated room....and perhaps one day I will renovate the back basement into a studio (and gym!!) but for now this corner is the perfect place to not be too far removed from everyone but to still have my own space.

I have been wanting a project board for about a million years! I found this fun piece of vintage fabric from my favorite booth at the local antique mall and planned on using it to either reupholster the chair cushion or make a pillow for a future bench in the room....but I was worried the fabric wouldn't hold up to constant sitting from the kids and I. Once I started adding all of the bright floral prints to the wall I figured why not go full on MAXIMALIST and commit to another pop of color on the wall!

I loved the yellow and green of this fabric and how perfectly it worked with the gold couch in the room....

First off, I cut the piece of fabric the size of the cork and used adhesive spray to lock it down.

Mine went on super smoothly and this spray is definitely not going to let this fabric go anywhere.

Next, I used my son's glue gun (his is in constant use from him building vehicles out of every material in the house) to adhere a piece of pillow piping cord (from your craft or fabric store) along the edge.

I was really happy with how clean this came out!

Finally, I glued down some boho wreath decor I found at the craft store and added some wooden push pins and pretty paper florals to match....

You can download this little inspirational quote I whipped up under the FREE PRINTABLES tab on this site.

I love the sense of organization doing up this little corner gave me and that it is separate from our regular family command center. And it is a great way to add a splash of color and a little of your own personality to your home office, classroom, or dorm room!


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