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Easy and Unique Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas-Part One

So many years of traveling home to Ohio from the season-less Octobers in California and admiring the Halloween Decor in all of the Midwest yards made me so excited last year to FINALLY get our own chain of ghosts around our mailbox. We are just now starting to save up the milk jugs so that we have enough for this year's creepy crew so I thought it would be the perfect time to share the tutorial for this budget-friendly & big impact yard decor!

Chain of Ghosts Decor

Supplies you will need:

~ Dollar store white plastic tablecloths

~ Wooden dowels (from craft store)

~ Heavy duty duct tape

~ Empty milk jug

~ Halloween ribbon

~ Permanent marker

Here's what you do:

  1. Hammer the wooden dowel into the ground.

  2. Tape the empty milk jug upside down on top.

  3. Cover with the plastic tablecloth.

  4. Secure around neck with ribbon.

  5. Draw on scary face with permanent marker.

  6. Once you have created as many ghosts as you want, tie the corners of the tablecloths together so your ghosts are holding hands.

So simple right? I especially like the price point with this project because when you are renovating/decorating your house AND getting it holiday ready, the costs can add up quickly. Next up, I'm trying to get my boy to help me create a spooky wooden backdrop for our ghosts; so we will see what we come up with there! Do you have any big impact, low budget decor ideas that you would like to share? Would love to hear your ideas!


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