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Easy Halloween Party Treats

I have so much fun surprising the kids with holiday-themed treats when they get off the bus from school. Growing up, our house was chock FULL of decor & spirit for every approaching season and that just made our childhood very special and memorable. I have been creating more content for my print shop over the past few weeks, and with Halloween right around the corner (I still cannot BELIEVE it is the middle of September already) I have been getting a head start on fun prints for that!

These cute tags are available in the shop right here: JUNEBERRY LANE PRINTSHOP

and they are a quick instant download on your home computer. I decided to whip up a simple Halloween treats to go with them and I honestly chuckle every time I look at these tags. These Butterfinger Ghosts take under 30 minutes (and most of that is waiting for the chocolate to melt) and completely delighted the little ones hopping off the bus from school yesterday - even the husband, between crazy work calls and meetings about his new show that is filming, smiled and gobbled one up.

Candy Bar Ghost Treats

Supplies You Will Need:

~ Vanilla candy melts or coating

~ Mini candy bars

~ Candy eyes

~ Black decorating gel or edible marker

Here's How it's Done:

  1. Remove candy coating tray from wrapper and melt in the oven for 10-12 minutes at 250 degrees. Stir until melted (if your candy feels too thick, you can thin it out with a little solid shortening).

2. Pour melted candy into a small cup or jar and dip the mini chocolate bar (I would refrigerate them for a few minutes while candy is warming, to keep your chocolate from getting melty) in the candy, then place on a parchment paper lined plate and allow to cool.

3. Add candy eyes to the candy bar, making sure to work quickly before your candy hardens.

4. Using your black decorating gel or edible food writer, draw on a black circle mouth.

5. Print up these Juneberry Lane Minimalist Ghost tags and tie them around a bag of your ghost snacks!

I'm thinking these tags would be cute on any bag of treats, ghosty snack, or bottle of booze to drop at your neighbor's house. Pass one out to everyone you see and dare them not to smile!!


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