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Mood Board Monday - The Entry Bathroom

If there is one thing I have learned about myself over the course of a few decades, is that I have to have a deadline in order to accomplish a task. I find the most useful tip for me to finish any home projects, organization ideas, or really any major goals in life is picking a date to finish and then working like mad to accomplish it. I also work best under pressure, so a bit of procrastinating is also one of my best assets!

As we move along in working through our house room by room, we find ourselves at the entry bathroom (one of five and my THIRD bathroom project of this home to date). This bathroom isn't too is a half bath and I actually love the vanity already there, as well as the sconces (they just need a little love with some Rub 'N Buff-my new favorite-and new light bulbs). I removed half of the wallpaper already, and will definitely need to do a little drywall repair in I am trying to work up the courage to delve my way into using joint compound.

I would like to replace the current mirror with a rounded corner, brushed brass variety and add some fresh hardware to the wooden vanity. I am leaning toward 'Tricorn Black' by Sherwin Williams for the walls and debating whether I want to add color with watercolor curtains or peel & stick wallpaper on one wall. Then a couple of Juneberry botanical prints for above the towel rack and a pretty vintage carved wood flower and this STUNNER of a swan print by the great Kara Rosenberry and this room will be another project checked off the list.

My deadline for this room is officially the 16th of April - so thank you, dear friends, for assisting me with my accountability - I am so excited to watch this mood board come to life!!


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