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One Room Challenge Week 2 - Creating the Blank Slate

We moved along steadily this Week 2 of the Better Homes and Gardens One Room Challenge. This week is always a little more difficult for me...because we have such a long way to go and we just haven't reached my favorite part yet...the styling!!

In the grand scheme of things, though, we have major progress as the old carpet is out and replaced with Acacia hardwood and the popcorn ceilings are finally gone (off the A-frame), the light fixtures are in and the walls have been painted Mint Condition by Sherwin Williams.

Here are a few before shots of the room, just so you can see how far we have come from the starting point.

We have managed to get things ordered and on their way despite taking a few days off to entertain our favorite Arizona friends and head to Pennsylvania for our annual family reunion.

This room was previously an art studio for the original owner of our home, who was a local artist in town. We had fun changing out the fluorescent lighting to a few modern semi-flush mount chandeliers that the girl picked out and watching her face light up when she saw her favorite color go up on the walls.

Next week, the goals are to start building our DIY wooden headboard and window seats and get the final odds and ends ordered and en route before the holiday shopping starts clogging up our delivery trucks. Over the coming weeks we have a cozy seating area planned, a desk/craft/sewing space going in, and a few quick projects planned to add her personality to her space.

Can't wait to help her bring her ideas to life and turn her room into her happy place after she has so patiently waited for it to be her turn! Check out the other designer's and all of their progress by following this link: Better Homes and Gardens One Room Challenge and stop on by next week to see what we have been up to!


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