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One Room Challenge - Week 3!

Onward and upwards as we head on into week THREE of the Better Homes & Gardens One Room Challenge! You can follow all of the other designer's transformations here:

The weeks just fly by on these things but slow and steady over here always keeps me grounded and saves me from making any early mistakes. My goal for this past week was to get the paint up on the walls and order the big items we need to furnish the room. But once I got to thinking about it, I decided that you can get such a variance in blush colors when you don't see them in person and I would rather be safe than sorry. So our blush bed is ordered and due the end of May (fingers crossed!) and I ordered a fabric sample just because I think it will arrive before the bed! As soon aa I get either of them I will solidify the paint colors (the plum and the blush have to share the same blue tone or they will clash and look all wrong.)

Instead of painting, I decided to start rehabbing some of the furniture that I want to keep using. We bought this great little desk at the estate sale of our home, and while I don't typically paint over real wood furniture these days, this one needed just a little kick up to give it a fresh new look.

I used Restore-a-Finish and a wood stain crayon to even out some marks and scratches on the top, then replaced the old wood knobs with some fancier ones to make it a little more glam for my girl:

I am so excited with how it turned out and I can't wait to design her a fun art/study area as soon as the paint is up:

The color we used is Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige:

I am searching for a pair of solid wood nightstands to fix up on Marketplace and I just know the right ones will show up when I am ready for them! Here are a few more of the pieces of furniture we plan on sprucing up:

So NEXT WEEK the goal is now to paint the walls and finish off the desk surround and then move on into installing a closet system!

I can't wait to see everyone's progress this week!


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