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One Room Challenge - Week 3

Week THREE already, how is this possible?! Time sure is flying, but I actually feel really good about our progress and where we are at this week. Most of our necessary design elements have already arrived (just waiting on the wallpaper and I still need to find a couple of large area rugs) but we have kicked off the DIY wooden bed project and have most of the basics are here now and ready for us to start setting up the room!

There are three beautiful dormers in this extra large, A-frame, former-art-studio-turned-girl's-room and we have been planning to add a window seat to one or two of them. Today I was upstairs unboxing one of the key seating pieces (it's so pretty, I can't wait to share!!!) and it struck me how much more sense a built-in desk would make to the middle dormer, instead of a second window seat. Inspiration pics (thinking simple-to fit the vibe of the room):

Closer to this feel though:

I am still deciding on window treatments for the dormers. I think ideally Roman shades would be our best bet, but I also want to stay within our budget, so we will see what works once we get the seat & desk built!

This not only makes great use of the extra space the dormers give, but also makes my job easier because I won't have to refinish an old sewing desk I had saved up to use in her room (instead I will save it for my future studio:). I am thinking I will save the third dormer as a place to add a vanity if she wants one down the road.

One of my favorite little touches we have added is the string of fairy lights my girl and I made this last week.:

Wallpaper we are using on the back wall behind the seating area:

I am a huge fan of this one particular brand from AMAZON that I have used in now all 3 of the kids' rooms; I just love the warm, safe glow they give off and they aren't too bright so they are a perfect nightlight. Since this is our third time hanging them, I thought we could add a little unique flair. We decided to wrap the cord with decorative leaf twine and craft up a few paper flowers that match the wallpaper to clip to the light garland. We are thinking of adding to the wooden headboard (or maybe around the window seat?). Here is a simple tutorial on how we made ours:

Floral Garland Fairy Lights

Supplies I used:

- THESE fairy lights (trust me they have all of the right warm, magic glow going on and they are plug in, not battery operated.)

~ Decorative twine with silk leaves (found HERE).

~ Paper flowers we made using card stock (see below).

~ Paper plates for backing circle

~ Alligator clips

What we did:

  1. Gather supplies seen above.

  2. Cut small circles from the paper plates (or cardboard - or really any heavy stock).

  3. Wrap decorative twine around the light cord (I secured every couple of wraps with a dab of hot glue).

  4. Glue the alligator clips to the back of the paper flowers.

  5. Clip the paper flowers to the decorative twine on the flower garland.

Paper Flowers

Supplies we used:

~ Assorted cardstock

~ Scissors

~ Glue

What we did:

  1. Cut four equal squares of paper stock according to the size of flowers we were going for.

  2. Folded the left two corners to the right (like a book).

  3. Flipped the book so the open side was facing up and then folded to the right again, book style.

  4. Folded the top left corner down to the right bottom corner to make a triangle shape.

  5. Cut out a petal shape from the bottom left corner and ta-daa...a flower. We made them in varying sizes and layered by two.

Love my crafty birthday girl:

We are both thrilled with how this came out and love that we are carrying the wallpaper theme & colors to the other side of this large room!

As for next week, I am focusing on stain colors for our wooden headboard, desk, & window seat and working out how to get the right stain on the wood that doesn't make it too grainy without spending a fortune on lumber in this not-so-good time to buy lumber.

Choosing all of the thoughtful details and seeing a space that completely fits my girl's personality is truly the best kind of work. Stop back next week to see the progress we have made on the DIY headboard, and visit this link: to see where everyone else is at in the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge!


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