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One Room Challenge - Week 5

I can't believe we have already been plugging away on this challenge for FIVE weeks! I have been so excited about diving into this closet system project for my girl's room, and when you see the pictures below, you will most definitely understand why! Now this is at an extreme level mind you...but nothing was functioning in this closet...she couldn't reach her clothes so I stuffed everything in her dresser instead and her shoes and toys just ended up in a huge jumble on the floor. While I was cleaning it out to have our new floors installed, I remembered the closet system that my son's room had back in California and just knew it would be a good solution for her. Take a look at our before and after photos/video to see what we were dealing with:

I was really hoping our wallpaper would have arrived (it is going around the closet) for this week's progress update, but I guess that will have to wait for the final reveal day!! Other than a little worry that things won't arrive in time due to all of the shipping delays, this One Room Challenge has felt pretty stress free thus far. We are keeping our goals manageable and are just having fun making our girl's room all kind of magical. Decorating kids' rooms just makes me so happy...their faces when you start bringing to life the ideas they had or creating fun little areas for them to do what they love to do best are completely priceless!

If you haven't had a chance yet, you absolutely have to go see what all of the amazing designers have been working on over at:

From here on out it is time to amp up our game and head on full steam to the finish line - which isn't hard to do because all of the pretty styling is my favorite part! Next week we are getting the projector up and the movie screen painted on & trimmed and then I know the kids will all be piling in to watch a movie in the baby sister's room on all of these summer nights after swimming! Her bed is set to arrive this week and then we just have to put all of the final touches on the room and we will have another one in the bag! Getting closer!!!!


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