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One Room Challenge - Week 6

Here we are in Week 6 and man we are getting close to wrapping up all of the major elements of the room and seeing our plan come to life. For the most part, all of the ideas we had for the space have worked out just as we planned and staying on top of the goals every week has really made this an enjoyable challenge!

I also think we took a few extra risks and made some bold design choices (involving lumber and building haha) and that really made me stretch my design muscles and step out of my comfort zone, which is ultimately what this challenge is all about!

We built this cute little window seat (to be stained & painted this week), wallpapered the accent wall and added Board & Batten. I finished caulking tonight and am cranking out the painting and staining over the next two days and then all of our major projects are DONE!

Here are a few of the projects we got accomplished this week:

I have since straightened up the room and we moved all of the old furniture out to give us room to work and to make way for the new stuff coming in hot! This was before the clean up though and is just one of my favorite shots, because it pretty much embodies this challenge and all of the mayhem that leads up to all of the magic of reveal day:

I was also able to finish grabbing a few styling elements for the room and we are so in love with seeing the details all coming together...

You can follow along as all of the other designers wrap up their own ORC spaces right here: Better Homes and Gardens One Room Challenge WEEK SIX.

Next week's goals are to:

  1. Style the window seat & hang the pendant light.

  2. Hang the curtains.

  3. Attach the metal bed frame to the head board and style.

  4. Add decorative pillows & art work.

  5. Hang dormer blinds.

  6. Finish styling the room (YAY!!)

I can't believe how far we have come in this room and how much better I have been able to stay on schedule now that I have a good to-do list to work with every week. We are so close now and I am anxious & excited to see it all come together and to get another ORC space in the books!


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