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One Room Challenge - Week 6 "It's Showtime!"

Pulling the curtain on WEEK SIX over here in our Better Homes and Garden's One Room Challenge and we are super excited to bring our girl her own little in-bedroom movie theatre! Truthfully, the hubby is always dying to upgrade his TVs and projectors, so he snuck in this idea to move our basement projector up (so he could perfect his man cave) and easily sold me on the thought by talking up a painted screen and fairy lights. This whole project from start to finish cost less than a normal size TV and I am excited to put together a detailed tutorial for you, but I will hold off on that until a little later (because we all needed a boat day and summer only lasts so long now that we are Ohians)!

Hop on over to the Better Home's & Garden's official One Room Challenge page to watch everyone else wrap up their rooms!

First up, we mounted THIS PROJECTOR up top against the plum feature wall and then painted a screen using a (heavily, heavily researched by me....there are SO many threads on DIY painted projector screens out there haha) blend of Behr #4850 Exterior Flat Matte paint in the color "Silver Screen" (770E-2). I honestly spent a ton of time researching this, in hopes to not have to purchase the expensive digital paint; this is a SIX year old's room and if she wants to get a job in her teens and upgrade the paint & projector - it's all her (this honestly wouldn't surprise me, knowing her dad:) End of day we didn't want to ruin all of our hard work with a screen full of dark spots so we are definitely happy with the outcome!

Next, we used a standard wood trim to frame the screen and then hung a strand of my all time favorite fairy lights (also used in my son's room) to create a little sparkly kid magic.

Finally, we threw in a few floor cushions (very pretty Urban Outfitter's knock-offs from Amazon - linked up HERE.) The storage bins are also from Amazon and you can find them right HERE.

Next week our goals are to finish upgrading some of the furniture we are keeping in the room and to start adding the final touches; lamps, bedding, artwork, and the wallpaper around the closet! Our TOV Furniture bed has arrived (super impressed with the shipping, updates, & delivery on that, by the way, and can't recommend their site enough!) So close now - and this is where all of the fun begins!!!


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