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pretty little planters

Hello and happy Tuesday! I have been meaning to get to this project forever and am really happy I finally tackled it! With this crazy heat & drought we have had in California, I have been looking for a way to add a little greenery to our home without having to use up more water. On top of that, with my energetic son, and two daughters, we don't have much time or brain power to worry about keeping plant life alive, which is why hopping on the succulent train seemed like an excellent idea. I am already completely in love with these little beauties-even more so now that they sit in these hand-painted pots! So check out the tutorial below to see how simple this project is!: DIY SUCCULENT PAINTED POTS

SUPPLIES YOU WILL NEED: ~ Succulent varieties (about $3.50 a piece at your local nursery and they have the BEST names!) ~ Small terra cotta pots ~ Paint in assorted colors (I used gold, turquoise, & white) ~ Painter's tape ~ Paint brushes ~ Clear coat paint DIRECTIONS:

1.) Paint the outside of your terra cotta pots in your desired hue (I did 3 coats!), as well as the inner few inches up until where you will pot the plant. Allow the paint to dry.

2.) With you painter's tape, section off geometric patterns onto the outside of your pot. You can add triangles, stripes, or whatever type of shape your heart desires. I didn't measure mine, I just taped along until I liked the look of things:)

3.) Paint the taped-off shapes on the outside of your pots in assorted, contrasting colors, it took me about 3-4 coats, and allow them to dry.

4.) For my hexagon planter, I cut out shapes from printed card-stock....

I decided to go ahead and make you another printable, just to keep things simple, and you can print it up for free right here: HEXAGON PRINTABLE from Juneberry Lane

4.) (cont'd) ...after I cut out the card stock shapes, I taped them onto the outside of the pot.

5.) With my painter's tape, I taped off each of the hexagon shapes, removing my card stock guideline and then painting the different shapes one at a time until I had the amount of hexagons I wanted.

6.) If you need to repot your succulents (that is, if your storebought plants don't come in the size to slip right inside the terra cotta plants), just make sure to use a potting soil blend made for cactus & succulent plants.

7.) Add a few tablespoons of soil to the bottom of your pots and then transfer those beauties into your painted vases.

And you have a bright pop of color to liven up a windowsill or countertop and some lovely, very low-maintenance plants to make you smile as you head into fall!

Easy, fun, & frugal too! I can't wait to head back to the nursery with the kids this weekend and let them pick out their own mini-version of succulent plants & mini pots to paint themselves!

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