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Leaf Hair - Don't Care!

Now that the trees are starting to let Mother Nature show off her fancy art skills, it is time to embark on a tradition that has been near & dear to my littles' hearts. We used to have to wait until Nana mailed us the REALLY good leaves from Ohio...but now we get to take part in all of the raking, jumping, and leaf projects that our hearts desire!

We took a nature walk and made it a scavenger hunt, searching for twigs and leaves and once the rest of the group of kids got home from school and joined in, they had all sorts of bright plans to find 'eyebrows', 'moustaches', and 'smiling twigs' for a mouth too!

You probably have most of the supplies you will need laying around, but if you don't, a quick trip the the dollar tree and about $3 later will get you started...

Supplies You Will Need:

~ pom poms

~ google eyes (the big ones!)

~ glue

~ crayons

~ paper plates

~ assorted leaves and other treasures from nature

1.) Color the main circle on the back of the paper plate in your desired skin tone. One of my little crafters decided to make his red and turned it into a Halloween monster, so encourage the littles to think outside the box! Glue on eyes, a pom pom nose, and draw a mouth to make a face.

2.) Arrange the leaves to make "hair" and glue them to the top of your plate. You can suggest that they try making beards, find longer leaves to make long hair, to stick to one color or to go crazy with it. Add an acorn necklace and some seed pod earrings if you want to give her an "evening look":)

This beauty totally brought her Fall splendor A-game.

The swoop of this brown-haired boy is just the best.

My crafty little middle fell in love with the glue gun.

We ended up with a few cute kids, a witch (with the most luxurious of long, green leaf locks), a snowman, a monarch caterpillar habitat, and even a ninja alien.

Aren't they just the cutest? I LOVED watching what great ideas the kids came up with! Plowing through that fall bucket list like check, check, CHECK!!

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