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A Colorful Christmas

When I first saw this rainbow tree, I'll admit, I thought it was completely off the wall! I have never been one to stick to red & green with my holiday decorating, but this was just pushing the envelope for me. Then I started thinking about the classroom, my daughter's bedroom, a preschool entrance way, the local art studio, the playroom...and it started to grow on me after all.

So even if this is just way too much for your classic, traditional soul, maybe take a look and see if you end up with an excited child next to you squealing "I WANT THAT FOR MY ROOM!" like I did...

(via Ideal Home)

A more subtle version...

(photo from Amber - Oliver)

Bright on white...

Gradient color up the tree...

(Image from Wall Street Journal)

Bursting with blooms...

Fun & out-of-the-box, adding some rainbow decor to your holiday decorating might be just what your home or classroom needs to give you an instant jolt of holiday cheer!

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