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Adding a Dash of Holiday Magic to the Mornings

The holidays are all about the magic of childhood....those special moments where the excitement is building and there is something to 'ooh' and 'aah' at around every corner. With all of the candy and cookies and hot cocoa being passed around, why not add some fun to breakfast with a few healthy(ish) things to start the morning off right!

Oatmeal is a lot more fun with these reindeer kicking around...

We love Eggs in a Basket around here...especially when you can use the cookie cutters more than once!

(via Listotic)

You can't go wrong with bacon and pancakes...

(from Listotic)

A dash of powdered sugar and Frosty comes to life!

Perfect little after school snack....

Nothing better than seeing them eat breakfast AND not complain about it!

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