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Girls' Jack & Jill Bathroom - FINAL REVEAL!!

WE DID IT!!! Some how, some way! In the midst of a pandemic and (hopefully!) a huge global shift towards ending racism, our family managed to pull together and finish a room from top to bottom in 8 weeks and complete the Better Homes and Gardens ONE ROOM CHALLENGE!

With this being my very first time as a guest participant, I feel like I have learned SO MUCH. The entire time I was working on completing this room, I was thinking about how I was going to navigate our next space...and I already have ALL the plans for the room I have in mind for Fall. In fact, this afternoon as I was putting a few rooms back together from having our new floors put in (more on that, to come!!) I took a moment to sit right smack dab in the middle of said room and the ideas started coming. It almost reminded me of the sleepless nights I spent awake and snuggling a restless newborn, exhausted, and started thinking up names for their future sibling, haha.

But let's get back to the room of the moment, this shared bathroom that sits between my two daughters' bedrooms. As I mentioned before and as crazy as it sounds in a house with so many rooms and such a maze of spaces to get lost in, the second I walked upstairs and made my way from bedroom one into the adjoining bathroom between the two rooms, I instantly knew we were going to buy this house. It was the first room that I could just foresee the magic of the home we could create for the kids...and as much as I know all of these fun details that we brought into the space will get battered down and beat up by those that we love the most, that doesn't stop me one from bit from enjoying every second of creating it!

A little BEFORE:


Yeah, yeah...I kept the mirror. I thought about painting it gold. But end of day, it just worked SO well with the cabinet pulls that I just couldn't bring myself to change it for some 'on trend' shape that I would hate in about 5 years. The only other mirror I could imagine replacing it with would be one of Anthropologie's beauties...but like I said before, I am trying REALLY hard to do most of our home renovations by repurposing things that either already exist in our home, or are a thrifting/marketplace/antique store find. This isn't hard to do in this house, because the original owner/artist just hit the nail on the head in creating such a beautiful home. I literally find myself questioning something I am about to do on occasion and then looking up heavenward to ask her what she thinks.

We kept the floral theme but added this shower curtain of big, bright beautiful rooms instead...

Another BEFORE:


Switching over to gold hardware throughout just gave the whole bathroom that vintage, whimsical look that reads so well in kids' spaces. We wanted to add a tile backsplash that was budget-friendly and easy to instal - so Smart Tiles (peel & stick) fit the bill! These were super easy to hang and also are a quick and temporary upgrade for rentals or temporary housing!

Pillowfort Playroom gold wire baskets made the perfect storage option for storing extra towels...and these Opalhouse beauties were the most spot on match for the Anthropologie shower curtain...

You can grab this "Wildflower" print in our Juneberry Etsy shop (along with so many more prints to come! I am in the procss of switching all of my custom invitations, party decorations, and home/office prints into instant download, so look for more fun designs to come!

Nothing styles shelves better than the girls' FAVORITE set of Rifle paper hardbound Classics. And this blue dish, that holds hair ties, is a fabulous find at the estate sale of this home, way back in chilly November when we were just so excited to move in!

All in all, I am just so pleased with this space and how dreamy it turned out! It feels good to have knocked out our first kids' room too (only 3 more bedrooms, a bathroom, & their playroom basement to go for them!!) Our plans for the next few days are to get their bedrooms back in working order and get the toys organized. Moving from one side of the country and having disposed of most of our toy bins from California has made cleaning up their rooms at night a little tricky, to say the least! Once those things are ticked off of our list, it is on working our way back through the downstairs.

Thank you for joining me on this 8 week journey! It was an excellent space to wet my feet in the ORC and I am so looking forward to future both complete more rooms and to make some new and bold design choices! See you next time!

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