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A Vintage Bakery Inspired Letter Board

Since moving into our house, I have done an early morning walkthrough almost daily and sort of studied the natural light and the walls & corners to see what inspiration hit when I wanted to start hanging up the fun stuff (art, photographs, prints...).

One thing I knew I wanted to add was a letter board, because I so love the idea of changing out the message to go with the season. Letter board trends have come and gone over the past few years, many of them are still going strong; only I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for that also fit the style of our house.

Then one day I came across a picture of a vintage bakery board using small letters & magnets and this DIY popped into my mind. I had to search around a bit to get all of the supplies in the style I was after...but it looks so pretty hanging in the corner and I am so excited to be able to use it for family celebrations and holiday decorating! Here's a quick DIY of how I made it and hung it; it really was super simple:

Supplies You Will Need

- wooden board (mine is from Hobby Lobby - 40% off at $14.99)

- wood stain (optional-this is Minwax in Jacobean)

- 4 inch alphabet wooden letters (at Michael's or Hobby Lobby)

- glue gun & glue sticks

- small craft magnets (from Amazon HERE)

- one large roll of magnetic strip (also from Amazon HERE)

- Spray paint for letters

- picture hanging kit or two eyelet hooks

- 2 ceiling hooks

- plant hanging chain (I found this vintage-inspired beauty HERE)


  1. Stain your wooden board to your desired color (or paint it if you want to add a colorful twist!)

  2. Spray paint the wooden letters and allow to dry.

3. Measure out equal lines along the board and mark with a pencil (for example, my board is sized 20 in. x 28 in. and I measured my lines 4.5 inches apart. Place the adhesive lined magnetic strip along your measured lines.

4.Using your glue gun, hot glue the magnets on the back of the wooden letters (I used two magnets on the wider letters).

5. Add picture hanging hardware to the back of your letter board.

6. Attach two ceiling hooks above where you want your message board to hang.

7. Using the planter hanging chain, attach two equal links to the eyelet hooks and then attach the other side to the hooks in the ceiling (double check that your hooks are able to hold the weight of your message board!)

I just love how simple this was and how much fun it is to surprise the kids with new messages! I can't wait to find new letters and wooden shapes to add to our collection!


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