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Here we go into week two of our ORC Fall challenge (check out all of the good makeovers HERE: Fall ORC One Room Challenge) and I have been working hard in the GUEST BEDROOM! So excited to say that GONE is the outdated wallpaper and even the texture of the ceiling has been smoothed away. Take a look at the room starting to take shape...

Where we started:

Immediately following wallpaper removal....

In keeping with the moody, rain-soaked section of this house, we decided to go with Sherwin Williams 'Drizzle' on the walls...

It was the darkest of our color samples below, but with all of the natural light in the room, the color just brings it to life. And by bringing it to life, I mean makes you want to cozy up with a good book while it rains outside...

Loving the difference the simple act of painting walls can make!

And if you remember, way back in May when we discovered these gorgeous vintage lamps on is their refreshment and new home (one on either side of bed!). Just a new finial, a lamp shade, and a fresh coat of gold on the base and it is prettier than anything I could have found in a store (and $15 for a set of 3...SCORE!!)

Pop on back next week to see those dingy carpets get replaced with new acacia floors....nothing better than polishing off this gem of a room and turning it into a little home away from home for our family and friends!

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